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Mining Sub-Sector

Mining sub-sector is one of five sub-sectors that constitute the Environment and Natural Resources Sector. This sub-sector has a mission to build a strong geology and mines sector in order to increase national revenue through proper management of mineral resources and with the capacity to monitor natural hazards”. Mining sub-sector is one of the key priority areas that could trigger economic growth of the country if sufficient investment in the sub-sector was made and the challenges that hinder the development of the sub-sector removed. Mining is identified in Vision 2020 as of the sectors that should be developed to expand the economic base and especially exports. It was recognised that there was need to know the mineral potential to strengthen investment and identify other minerals beyond the traditional ones especially tin.

The Ministry of Natural Resources is responsible for designing the sub sector’s legal framework and also for granting prospecting, exploration and mining licences. Rwanda Natural Resources trough Geology and Mining Department provides technical and administrative support and follow-up to the performance of the mining sector and generally to implement policy. The mining policy covers not only mineral extraction, processing and  export,  but  also  quarrying,  production  of  construction  materials  and  extraction  and processing of  semi-precious  stones.The mining sub -sector has registered some key achievements.

The Mining sub-sector is one of the major sources of income to the country with revenue from minerals exportation. 5,802 tonnes have been produced. Key important exploration research in Potential Targeted Areas (PTAs) has been conducted in 4 PTAs.The new Mining law and related ministerial decrees were published and a  new mining policy was adopted by Cabinet. There is also acquisition of new geophysical data led to the identification of new mineral potential areas, which are now the targets for new investment and some are being targeted for more detailed exploration. All mineral exports from Rwanda are traceable through the tagging system currently accepted by the downstream buyers of the minerals. The preparation process to issue regional mineral export certificates is advanced. Three seismic stations have been constructed in Kigali, Musanze, Huye and Rusizi; when the equipment becomes operational it will be possible to develop seismic hazard maps for the country. In the area of value addition; the promotion of investment potential in dimension stones has led to the construction of the first granite cutting and polishing factory in Rwanda and to several other expressions of interests in adding value to quarry products. The operators in the sub sector are steadily improving in organisation. There are currently three organisations which are facilitating this process; the National Federation of Mining Cooperatives, the Investors Forum and Rwanda Mining Association.

Good practices in the industry are being promoted with vigour. Sustainable production in safe and secure environments is being transmitted to operators in the sub-sector.  In petroleum exploration the progress todate include two dimensional (2D) reconnaissance  seismic study on Lake Kivu and the completion of a petroleum sharing agreement (PSA) draft by national stakeholders which has been forwarded to the Contractor in preparation of negotiations;

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