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The Ministry of Natural Resources (MINIRENA) was established to ensure the sustainable management and rational use of natural resources. The imbalance between population and natural resources is one of Rwanda's biggest challenges with regard to the management and protection of the environment (land, water resources, forests, minerals, etc). Degradation has occurred over the decades causing serious ecological and socio-economic problems that will lead to an irreversible damage if no adequate recovery measures are undertaken. 

The ministry's implementation strategy is based on national orientations and policies (Vision 2020, the National Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy, Green Growth and Climate Resilience Policy, the Government Agenda, National Investment Strategy, Good Governance and Decentralisation and others) as well as on regional and global orientations and policies such as the Sustainable Development Goals, NEPAD, Nile Basin Initiative, EAC initiatives and others. 

The ministry cannot succeed in implementing its strategies without ownership and active involvement of all the partners and beneficiaries in the sector. The ministry aims to achieve the following: 

a)    Sustainable Land Management - Focusing on improving land administration and land tenure security (through land registration services) and improved land use planning;

b)    Sustainable Integrated Water Resources Management - Watershed protection, water quality and quantity monitoring, water resources inventory; and regulating its utilisation;

c)    Sustainable Management of Forest and Biomass Resources - Forest cover change, access to forest and biomass products, alternatives to wood and biomass products for energy sources and promoting agro-forestry;

d)    Ecosystems Conservation & Improved Functioning - Degraded ecosystems rehabilitated/ conserved, biodiversity hotspots and fragile ecosystems protected, proportion of total land surface covered by protected areas;

e)    Sustainable mining and mineral exploitation - Mineral mapping and research, mining and mineral processing technology improvement; and control of environmental pollution from mining. Emphasis will be put on institutional capacity building for Geology and Mining and for smallholder (artisanal) miners, as well as investing in value-addition through processing and export marketing;

f)      Environmental sustainability of development policies, programmes and projects at national and local level: Environmental mainstreaming across sectors particularly Agriculture, Energy, Infrastructure, Industry, decentralization for vertical integration and Finance and Planning for effective cross sectoral coordination;

g)      Policy, legal & regulatory framework for ENR management - ENR legal & regulatory regimes harmonised with other EAC Countries;





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