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Environment is very important because considerable proportion of the country's economy is delivered directly and indirectly from environmental resources and more than 80% of the population derive their livelihoods directly from nature.Rwanda's environment has been changing rapidly, as is evident  in the extent of land degradation, declining water quality and quantity, increasingly unreliable climate, slums and a growing population of urban poor ; and a shortage of wood and biomass resources among others .These have evidently affected the quality of life of the population and the economy.The environment is one of five sub sectors that constitute the environment and natural resources sector.The Ministry of Natural Resources as the ministry responsible for the environment  provides the overall political direction and policy oversight. In this line, policy, laws and regulations governing environment in Rwanda have been prepared and implemented. MINIRENA also proactively engage and influence other ministries to make environmentally compliant policies, focusing primarily on those sectors that have a direct bearing on the environment.Environment and climate change programmes contributed to improved productivity and sustainability of key sectors including land, forest management and agriculture 1524 ha have been protected on lakes of Mutukura, Mugesera, and Kivu tributaries creating income and alternative livelihoods for communities and individuals In that regard it is worth to mention that Fund for Environment and Climate Change (FONERWA) governance structure is in place. Currently 700,000 USD domestic capitalilization and approximately 36 Million USD has been mobilized to fund projects aimed at pursuing a green Rwandan economy.Rwanda Environment Management Authority was established as the Public Authority that charged with the environmental planning and regulation. It is the overall responsible for coordination and reporting on the implementation of the environment sub-sector activities.





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