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Forestry and Nature Conservation Sub-Sector.

Forestry and Nature Conservation is one of the five sub-sectors that constitute the Environment and Natural Resources Sector. The objective of this sub-sector is sustainable management of forest and biomass resources. Concerning environment issues, the Forestry and Nature Conservation  helps to map, assess and rehabilitate critically degraded ecosystems as part of the Integrated Management of Critical Ecosystems.

The Ministry of Natural Resources play a role to elaborate strategies, policy, laws and regulations governing forestry and natural conservation in Rwanda. It also ensure that  the area of forest cover is increased through afforestation and reforestation programs and existing forests are sustainably managed.

The location, extent, composition, health, productivity and value of many of the goods and services represented by forest ecosystems and trees in the landscape will be more accurately known through inventories and monitoring. Informed and constructive debate among a wide range of interest groups will be increasingly used to develop consensus on forest management, particularly in defining sustainable forest management and in striking a balance between environmental and developmental objectives. 

Some notable achievements have been made in this sub-sector. The revised Forestry Policy and Forestry Law have been finalized and approved by the Cabinet. The draft District Forestry Management Plan Implementation Guidelines have been produced and twenty-nine (29 District forestry management plans have been finalized. Baseline studies to provide data for National Forestry Management Plan (NFMP) are ongoing. Sustainable management of forests is the major objective of the Forestry sub-sector. The national surface covered with forests is at a percentage of 29.6% compared to the EDPRS target of 30%. In the Rwanda Natural Resources Authority (RNRA), there is a Department in charge of Forestry and Nature Conservation (DFNC) which is entrusted with supervision, monitoring and to ensure the implementation of issues relating to the promotion and protection of Forest resources and critical ecosystems.

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