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Integrated Water Resource Management Sub-Sector.

Integrated Water Resources Management is one of the five sub-sectors that constitute the Environment and Natural Resources Sector.  The objective of this sub-sector is to protect, conserve, manage and develop Rwanda’s water resources in an integrated and sustainable manner. In addition, this sub-sector has to ensure that water resources are available in adequate quantity and quality for socio-economic and ecological needs for the present and future generations

The Ministry of Natural Resources formulates water resource management policy, strategies and laws , as well as monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of sub-sector’s strategy in Rwanda.

The sub-sector of Integrated Water Resource Management made progress on the objective of ensuring rational and sustainable management of water resources for national socio-economic development. The National Water Resources master plan has been developed and the exploration report of the available water resources in Rwanda is available for the first time. In addition, rehabilitation of 937ha of Sebeya and Karago watershed has been ensured. Flood control in lava region by constructing gabions in the gullies; 2573 m3 Volume of Gabions constructed in lava region.

Rehabilitation of watersheds and major catchments; rainwater harvesting and storm water management; climate change mitigation through catchment afforestation and energy efficiency, among others, have been undertaken, with impressive results. For instance, Lake Cyohoha North in Bugesera, which had shown signs of disappearing, has been restored when its recharging wetlands were protected; Rugezi wetland complex – the main source of water for Lakes Burera and Ruhondo, was restored, resulting in improved hydropower production after the 2004 power crisis.

These innovations, however, remain too small and disjointed. Rwanda must scale up these demonstrations throughout the country, consolidate and share the outcomes as lessons for especially downstream countries.

Thus, it is established in the Rwanda Natural Resources Authority (RNRA) a Department of Integrated Water Resources management in charge of implementing water resources management policy, strategies and laws.

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